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Alicia left behind her career as a sports agent and London-based lawyer in the wake of the 2012 London Olympics to follow her dream of becoming a yoga teacher. Since qualifying in India under Ashtanga Vinyasa guru Tarun Kranti Agrawal in 2013, since then, Alicia has been teaching Hatha and Vinyasa flow classes in India and Oxfordshire, as well as private clients. Alicia knows first hand from her corporate days in London how beneficial yoga can be to a stressed body and mind. When not on her yoga mat or looking after her young daughter, Alicia loves nothing more than either strapping the boots on to take her tireless Hungarian vizsla for a stomp over the Chilterns or saddling up for a cross-country horse ride. 


Ashtanga (or ashtanga vinyassa) yoga is a popular branch of yoga comprising of the eight limbs of yoga, including posture, breath control and meditation. 

Ashtanga yoga is a predominantly physical practice. K.Pattabhi Jois, one of the forefathers of modern Ashtanga yoga, held that Astanga yoga requires “99% practice, 1% theory”. The primary series alone if made up of 60 postures and there are six different series. Through regulation and practice, the ‘eight limbs’ of yoga are nourished. There will be physical as well as mental benefits and a deeper personal insight.

Alicia’s one-hour Ashtanga classes will incorporate postures from the primary series with elements of vinyassa flow. There will be sun salutations, standing postures flowing with the breath and the option to take a vinyassa between the seated postures. A vinyassa is a flow which brings the body back to a neutral position between postures.

The class will end with a short period for meditation and relaxation.

Alicia’s classes will introduce students to Ashtanga yoga postures (asana) and rhythmic breathing resulting in improved physical fitness, increased core strength and a relaxing of the mind. After class students will feel revitalised and reenergised combined with an overall sense of calm and fulfilment. 


Vinyasa is the synchronisation of breath and movement. It is the unique linking of one yoga posture (asana) to the next in a creative flow, often accompanied by music. 

In vinyasa flow classes, the mind is focused on the breath and by mindfully connecting to the movement we stay in the present moment.

As well as a soothing of the mind, vinyasa flow yoga will increase strength, stability and flexibility.

Alicia’s classes draw inspiration from her Ashtanga yoga training as well as traditional Hatha yoga postures. It will be a dynamic practice with uplifting flows, however, it is suitable for beginners who have a good level of fitness.

There will be a warm up, building into sun salutations followed by creative sequencing, ending with a relaxation.

no more ouch... give the team a call: 01869 241411 or
pop us an email: [email protected] and we’ll get back to you

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