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Getting the best from your Physio…

By Steph


Because we are always looking to make things better here at Pea Green, we often look at the whole customer experience, not just how we use our healing hands. One of the things we realised recently is that we could do a better job of helping you to help us ‘make you feel better.’ So, here are our collective top tips J


1) Share the love with the whole team

Everyone in our practice, here at Pea Green Physio, plays a vital role. From the reception staff and our Practice Manager through to the physios, masseurs and other specialists who do the healing. Our combined purpose is to deliver ‘…ahhh that’s better’ and that starts from the moment you get in touch or enter the premises. The practice wouldn’t run without our support team and that means that when they feel loved and appreciated it is better for everyone.

We hope that you always leave Pea Green with a smile… but we’d love to see one (even through gritted, pain-felt teeth) when you arrive at reception too. We promise that you will always get one back… and so the healing process begins!


2) The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth…

We spend a lot of time with semi-naked people talking about really personal stuff. In other words, nothing shocks us and we are very good at seeing beyond people’s outer shell. We have quite literally ‘seen and heard it all before’ and probably heard every excuse, exaggeration or embarrassing ‘omission of fact’ in the book too. We love our patients and want to help you as quickly and as painlessly (in emotion and body) as possible. If you don’t tell us everything, we are obliged to take your word (or assume otherwise) and it may well prolong your pain. The truth heals…


3) Do your homework (it helps – I promise)

This one is obvious and ties in with the previous point. We often ask patients to take some action at home, after an appointment. This is not for our benefit – we simply want to help. I promise you, we do not take pleasure from imagining you rolling around on a foam roller or doing the stretches that you hate so much. These things are part of the process that will help you get better. And what you really need to know is that (although we might not always let on) we usually know when you are being economical with the truth.


4) Google is not a physio and cannot feel your pain

By all means, ‘Google’ your symptoms and see what the combined opinions of a worldful of self-appointed experts say is wrong with you. But please do not come to see us, expecting us to agree with any of them. It would be really unprofessional for us to do that. There are two really big issues at play here.

Firstly, Google has not yet grown a pair of hands that can really get to grips with your body like our specialists will. That means that it does not have all the information available to make a judgment. Secondly, it would go against every good practice and professional ethic we hold dear, as highly trained professionals, to treat a problem that we hadn’t diagnosed ourselves. It would almost be criminal (sorry).


5) One thing at a time dear…

Often when something hurts, other parts of your body decide they want a piece of the ‘healing’ action too. Treating one thing at a time is a far more efficient and effective method for a physio. It may be that in dealing with one problem, we solve another one. Or we may even discover that the pain you described originated somewhere else in your body. But please leave us to work out the details. The quickest route to you getting better is to tell us the full picture but let us deal with one thing at a time. Please do not come to us with a shopping list. Patient patients get better quicker.


6) Come prepared!

If you are coming for an appointment, please, please, please wear something comfortable and appropriate. And do be prepared to remove a few garments, if necessary. We understand that this might be a little difficult for some people (less so for others…) but it is important that we can get our hands on the problem. We always work in a respectful, professional and dignified manner and will endeavor to put you at ease. Once again, communicating how you feel about these things straight away will help.


By the same measure, think about the questions we might need to ask before you come. Things like health history, the medication you take, life circumstances and other extenuating factors will probably come up.

That’s about all for now. I hope these little pointers will help you to help us, so that together we can get you to ‘….ahhh that’s better’ and ‘no more ouch…’ all the quicker.



no more ouch... give the team a call: 01869 241411 or
pop us an email: info@peagreenphysio.co.uk and we’ll get back to you