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Benefits of a Summer Massage

By Steph

4 Benefits to a Summer Massage:

  1. Massage Soothes Exercise Pain: People are often more physically active in the summer, when nice weather and long days makes increased training volumes and / or more races much more achievable. Whatever your exercise of choice, a sudden increase in activity can lead to strains and pulls even if you properly stretch and stay hydrated. Massage can help ease pain from problems as well as make them less likely to occur. Massages also helps your muscles to stay limber and reduces inflammation. 
  2. Reduces Swelling in Joints and Limbs: Summer heat and humidity can lead to swelling and discomfort, due to accumulation of fluids around joints or in soft tissues. Many people will get swelling in their legs and ankles but oedema can happen anywhere. Massage can help increase blood flow, reduce swelling and make movement more comfortable, even during the height of heat.
  3. Decreases the effects of Dehydration: Active muscles require good hydration but as temperatures soar it can be hard to drink enough. If you are dehydrated it’s harder for your muscles to get rid of waste products such as lactic acid which can leave your muscles feeling stiffer than normal. Massage can help to clear the build-up making your much more comfortable.
  4. Reduces Stress: School holidays, family visits, vacations, less sleep due to longer days or the heat, can all add to summer stress. However, massage is amazing at reducing stress. Your body releases endorphins and dopamine when you get a massage which are the “feel good” chemicals in your body. At the same time massage also reduces the stress hormone cortisol, lowering blood pressure, and reducing heart rate. Massage also clears thinking and makes it easier for you to stay on top of everything you need to do without feeling stressed out.

Blog written by Kate Ryan – Sports Massage Therapist

no more ouch... give the team a call: 01869 241411 or
pop us an email: info@peagreenphysio.co.uk and we’ll get back to you

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