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Case Study: Dave's Story

An active man is brought back up to speed

By anyone’s measure, Dave is a good old fashion man’s man. By day he deals in scrap metal; getting in amongst the muck and brass, lifting, weighing, sorting and finding value where others see only waste. His business is physical, tiring and would put an enormous strain on any ‘body’. But Dave’s passion for moving metal doesn’t stop there. His hobbies include racing classic mini’s at high speeds around a track; another highly muscle straining (not to mention dangerous) pursuit.

Just like the cars that Dave races, these activities mean that he needs to have regular servicing on his own body; a kind of skeletal-muscular MOT. And for the past five years regular visits to the Pea Green Physio provided all the maintenance required to keep Dave fit for work and able to continue his love of motorsport.

Last year however, both of these passions were rocked by a high speed accident in the mini.

Fortunately it was not life-threatening, but a seriously damaged leg and ankle resulted in a diagnosis of 18 months before he would even walk again. To Dave this was like being told to either retire from a large part of his life altogether or carry on and probably never finish it. He couldn’t afford not to work and as any motorsport enthusiast will tell you, having accidents is an accepted risk with only one cure… get back out there and race as soon as possible.

So after a conversation with Pea Green, they both decided not to accept the professional diagnosis and set about bringing a rapid recovery using all of Steph’s experience at the very highest level in sports physiotherapy.

The result was that Dave was back at work in little over a month and in less than seven months he was back on the track, driving at a full race day. Dave says, “Steph has become a genuine friend who cares more about what her patients want than what anybody else thinks; she is a simply brilliant physio”

no more ouch... give the team a call: 01869 241411 or
pop us an email: and we’ll get back to you

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