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Pilates & Rehab at Pea Green Physio

Physio-lead :  Pilates : 1:1

Did you know that specific Pilates exercises are frequently recommended to help prevent and decrease back pain, including low back pain. They strengthen core support for the back, teach good alignment, and provide gentle stretches for tight back muscles.




Private : Session : Pilates 1:1 

We also offer one to one Pilates sessions which can be a great way to get started; especially if you have a specific injury or condition that you are working with, are looking for a bespoke course which is tailored to all your needs. 

To make an enquiry on anything Pilates related, please call us on 01869 241411 or send an email to info@peagreenphysio.co.uk

One to One : Rehab –

New Strength and Conditioning Rehab sessions for any injury recovery!


Studies have shown that resistance/strength training is not only safe for people with back pain, but it can help to relive pain and improve function, when done properly. Numerous studies found that exercise programmes of 8 weeks or longer of free-weight based exercise resulted in a significant improvement of pain, disability, and quality of life for participants with low back pain! Muscles of the hips and legs play a large role in the mechanics of our back and spine, therefore building strength in these muscles will have positive influences in lower limb injuries and back pain.

Benefits of strength training:

The aim of these sessions is to build shoulders,  back, core, hip and leg strength to enable you to move more functionally with less pain. These sessions will be structured in a circuit format with a full warmups and cool downs and correct, safe techniques of each exercises being demonstrated and monitored throughout the sessions. The sessions will include a mix of weighted/resisted exercises and bodyweight exercises, and there will be an emphasis on improving back and hip mobility also. You don’t need to join an expensive gym as our rehab gym is well equipped to get the most out of these session.

You can’t go wrong getting strong!

They will take place in our mini rehab gym at Pea Green Physio, Call now on 01869 241411 or email us at info@peagreenphysio.co.uk to book your spot!



no more ouch... give the team a call: 01869 241411 or
pop us an email: info@peagreenphysio.co.uk and we’ll get back to you