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Health Insurance

Pea Green Physio are recognised by most major Health Insurance Companies.

If you feel that you will benefit from Physiotherapy, You will firstly need a GP or Consultant referral before your Insurance Company will authorise and pay for Physiotherapy or Osteopathy treatment. You can self refer without a GP referral, but we cannot guarantee that those sessions will be covered by your Insurance Company, so it is always good practice to check with your Insurance Company first and get an Authorisation Code before booking in. We will bill your insurance company directly, this ensures that you won’t be out of pocket. 


Effective from the 31st March 2021, we have chosen to not renew our contract with Bupa. 


Vitality patients can now only be seen by Ben Wallis, we now ask all Vitality patients to self pay at the time of their treatment, and claim from vitality to reimburse the fees paid. 


We no longer work with Nuffield Fusion. 


We are no longer accepting NEW patients through AXA insurance, we will honour existing patients pre-authorised sessions up until the 31st May 2024, however, we now ask all AXA patients to self pay for each session, patients must ask AXA for reimbursement directly themselves.

PLEASE NOTE, please call the team prior to booking an insurance appointment, to ensure that we are recognised and we are still working with your insurer. 

It is the patient’s responsibility to contact their insurance company for conditions of their policy as we cannot be held responsible for any non-payment of claims or shortfall of treatment fees, it is the patients responsibility to pay any excess or unpaid invoices.

(Health insurance excess amount represents the amount of money that the insured party has to pay out-of-pocket and upfront before the insurance plan kicks in for a specific benefit and begins to cover the cost of medical care.)

We continue to be recognised by and work with the following Health Insurance companies: 

Cigna, WPA, Standard Life, Aviva, Police Mutual, Cordell Health, Healthcare RM and Tricare / International SOS. 


no more ouch... give the team a call: 01869 241411 or
pop us an email: info@peagreenphysio.co.uk and we’ll get back to you