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Meet the team...

Lauren Scott

Hatha & Yin Yoga Instructor

Lauren practices and teaches hatha yoga with a hint of yin & restorative. Her teaching is very much inspired by her own experience of life and the healing process. Her classes offer a blend of anatomical awareness with philosophical & spiritual offerings. Lauren encourages self-awareness, acceptance, compassion and mindfulness in her practice and that of her students.  

Kathy Santiago

Hatha & Yin Yoga and Meditation Instructor

I have been practicing and loving Yoga for over 30 years, and now focus on Yin, Hatha and Ashtanga. For me it is the most logical path to follow and in my yoga I find a peace that is unavailable to me in other parts of my life.  Through this understanding I seek to share and encourage others on a similar journey.  Yoga is not about what you can do, but more the acceptance of what you cannot do and the grace to continue trying.  Whatever one achieves in practice is beneficial as long as it has been approached with dedication, humility and at times laughter. 

My teaching is a combination of the yoga I have been privileged to practice.

I teach mixed ability Yin, Hatha and Meditation classes.

Alicia Roscoe

Yoga Instructor

Alicia left behind her career as a sports agent and London-based lawyer in the wake of the 2012 London Olympics to follow her dream of becoming a yoga teacher. Since qualifying in India under Ashtanga Vinyasa guru Tarun Kranti Agrawal in 2013, since then, Alicia has been teaching Hatha and Vinyasa flow classes in India and Oxfordshire, as well as private clients. Alicia knows first hand from her corporate days in London how beneficial yoga can be to a stressed body and mind. When not on her yoga mat or looking after her young daughter, Alicia loves nothing more than either strapping the boots on to take her tireless Hungarian vizsla for a stomp over the Chilterns or saddling up for a cross-country horse ride.

Stephanie Smith

Ashtanga Yoga & Pilates Instructor

Stephanie is the inspiration, the passion and the driving force behind the Pea Green Physio but she is the first to admit that she could not have created such a home for healthy bodies and healing hands all on her own. The success of her business depended entirely on finding others who were highly qualified, but more importantly, who shared her belief that looking after people’s bodies also meant looking after people.

Lisa Campbell

Ashtanga Yoga & Pilates Instructor

I began practicing yoga regularly 3 years ago. From a hairdressing/corporate background and struggling with disc and long term back problems, yoga gave me the relief I needed to distress and to help support my forever increasing back issues. Fast forward 3 years, resolving bulging disc’s, sciatica and instability, this amazing form of exercise has seen me quit my job to teach full time. I am trained in Ashtanga Modified Practice, Yin, Vinyasa flow and Pilates. I love to incorporate mindfulness, meditation and a little restorative into my sessions.

I am a huge believer that a regular yoga practice can undo many years of impact on our bodies, that allowing time and space within can encourage the healing process and allow us to be open inside and out, thus deepening our yoga practice. I’m proof of that!



Daniela Mandala

Hatha, Vinyasa, Antenatal and Post Natal Yoga Instructor

I began my journey three years ago when I went to India in 2013 and trained at Rishikesh Yoga Peeth to become a Yoga Instructor. This adventure helped me restore balance and change my life. After my 200 of training, I continued my studies and qualified as an Antenatal and Postnatal Yoga teacher in 2014 and my journey didn’t just end there, I then embarked on another adventure starting a Physiotherapy Degree at Oxford Brookes and now I am in to my second year. I also recently qualified as a Sport Massage Therapist, which is helping me to understand the healing process and support my clients with injuries or just to help them to improve their sports performance.


Yoga opened a new chapter in my life, one that it is ever evolving. I believe that yoga can really give you some balance and restore your focus. The yoga I teach is Hatha, which improves flexibility, muscle joint mobility, strengthens, tones and builds muscles.

I mix my class with Vinyasa in which I teach coordinated movements with controlled breathing to flow from one pose to the next. This discipline also helps correct posture and strengthens the spine whilst increasing stamina.


Jess Roberts

Hatha & Vinyasa Flow Yoga Instructor

After completing my teacher training in Mysore, India, I have enjoyed teaching and practicing hatha yoga, flow and vinyasa for just over a year in and around Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire. I like to focus my classes on challenging yet fun sequences that strengthen and energise the body.

Yoga to me is the freedom from every day life that I can’t find elsewhere. By having a constant and evolving practice I can learn more about both the body and mind each time I approach my mat. To be able to share the benefits of this practice with my students is an absolute privilege.’

Catri Barrett

Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Instructor

After experiencing profound physical and mental benefits from a regular Yoga practice, Catri decided to travel to India where she completed her 200hr teacher training at Kranti Yoga, Goa.



Catri’s accessible approach incorporates her own personal development, healing and yoga experiences to her teaching, with her main aims being to inspire, support and assist her students in achieving their full potential on and off the mat. Expect to leave Catri’s classes feeling calm, energised and balanced.

Sandy Bellringer

Pilates Instructor

I first fell in love with Pilates when my children were small (now 21 & 24) being pregnant took its toll on my pelvis which regularly slipped out of place causing much pain & immobility. Whilst the skilled hands of a physiotherapist put it back  for me, it was Pilates that actually cured the problem. I am a great believer in prevention rather than cure and over the years Pilates has made me fitter, stronger and more balanced, complimenting and improving my gym and running activities.


Having enjoyed the benefits of Pilates for so long, I felt a real desire to teach the amazing benefits of Pilates to others. I recently completed my Level 3 Mat Pilates qualification along with Level 3 Exercise for older adults. You are never too old to start exercising ! I have introduced soft balls into my program which has brought something new, fun and challenging to the classes. I am really looking forward to working with you all at the Pea Green Studio.

Ro Turan

Kundalini Yoga Teacher

Ro Turan (Birshabd Kaur)  has been practicing yoga, with various teachers in Oxford, for the past 35 years. She discovered Kundalini Yoga in 2009 and was inspired by its profound effects. She qualified as a Level 1 Kundalini Yoga teacher with the Karam Kriya School in 2013. 

Through teaching Kundalini Yoga classes and workshops she continues to learn from her students and connect with the teachings of Yogi Bhajan

no more ouch... give the team a call: 01869 241411 or
pop us an email: and we’ll get back to you

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