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Meet the team...

Stephanie Smith

Director & Lead MSk Physiotherapist

Stephanie is the inspiration, the passion and the driving force behind the Pea Green Physio but she is the first to admit that she could not have created such a home for healthy bodies and healing hands all on her own. The success of her business depended entirely on finding others who were highly qualified, but more importantly, who shared her belief that looking after people’s bodies also meant looking after people.

Ben Wallis

Specialist MSk Physiotherapist

As a keen sportsman himself, playing rugby for Buckingham Rugby Club, whilst acting as the team’s physiotherapist, Ben’s life revolves around being healthy and he is a keen student of the effects of nutrition on the body. He even married a personal fitness trainer, Louise, in 2011; ensuring that fitness remains very much in the family. They did, however, take some time out to indulge in a spectacular road trip through California and Mexico for their honeymoon (very little rugby out there).

Harriet Hough

Senior MSk Physiotherapist

Harriet became interested in physiotherapy at a young age after suffering a major horse-riding fall. Becoming interested in treatment and rehabilitation in humans and horses. Qualifying in Physiotherapy at Oxford Brookes University in 2012 and then an MSc in Veterinary Physiotherapy in 2017 from Hartpury Collage.

After Graduating in 2012 Harriet was keen to continue her development and interest in Sport and rehabilitation, gaining further qualifications in sports massage, advanced osteopathy techniques, dry needling and injection therapy. Along with sports Trauma management and pitch side first aid this has enabled Harriet to hold positions in professional and semi professional sports teams in including: Oxford University Rugby league, and Union clubs and Northampton County Cricket club. In June 2015 Harriet’s expertise lead her to the inaugural European Games in Baku Azerbaijan. 

For the Past 6 years Harriet has worked in a variety of Private Clinics in Northamptonshire and London, now in the process of re-locating back out from London Harriet has come to work at Pea Green. Outside of Work Harriet is a keen horsewoman, and runs a small stud farm with her parents breeding Event horses. She enjoys Running and weight training, and is aiming to complete her first Triathlon this summer.

Jav Asaro

Sports & Rehabilitation Therapist

Jav is just the sort of person you want to have on your side in a fight – so if you are battling with a sports related injury, which you just can’t seem to shake, then Jav is your man. Amongst his hobbies, pastimes and pursuits he counts boxing, kick-boxing, weight training, gym work, cycling and running. During the winter months he can often be seen snowboarding down snowy-white mountainsides in Europe and Canada, like a laser blast, in his bright yellow (modern and tasteful), one piece ski-suit. A genuine action man.

Caroline Kinnane

Sports & Remedial Massage Therapist

Caroline qualified as a sports and remedial massage therapist in 2016. Although she is newly qualified she has an extensive back ground in elite sport, having represented Great Britain in judo for the best part of two decades. During this period, she has work with a variety of Team GB and England’s medical team helping her to achieve her goals and educating her in injury prevention and management along the way.

After sustaining a serious injury in 2014 she decided that she wanted to re-direct her energy into pursuing a life in helping and enabling people to prevent, rehabilitate and remain injury free on their quest to achieve their own goals and dreams.


In Caroline’s spare time she continues to train and coach Judo, and has more recently begun learning Brazilian Jujitsu, she is also known amongst her friends for her amateur cake decorating skills and can often be found in a kitchen having fun creating a master piece.

Lewis Clarke


For many years Lewis has had an interest in the way the body moves and how it can adapt with injury. He has been involved in sports from a very young age, playing mainly cricket and rugby, yet he would be keen for most things competitive.

Lewis graduated from The British School of Osteopathy having completed a 4 year Master’s degree programme. He then swiftly relocated to Singapore where he joined a very fast paced and dynamic clinic, gradually building up a strong reputation and solid relationships within the countries private and government-funded medical community. It was here where he honed his skills of becoming an efficient and effective Osteopath, with access to some of the latest technology in manual health.  He eventually left Singapore having served as Head Osteopath of a large team for a number of years, having helped the clinic grow significantly.

Lewis believes that with pragmatic and realistic advice and treatment, completely tailored to the patient, that you can create a benefit whether it be through hands-on therapy or guidance and  education. He considers himself a solution provider and will always strive to find the answer.

During his career, Lewis has enjoyed working with people from different backgrounds, including being the Osteopath for the National Rock Climbing Team (Singapore), The Singapore Dance Theatre (National Ballet), racing drivers and body builders, as well as many other high class athletes.  He has gained vast experience from collaborating with some world renowned personal trainers (Ultimate Performance) and also treating amateur and professional Martial Artists.


In his spare time Lewis maintains an active and healthy lifestyle from going to the gym to walking his ‘Singapore Special’, a rescue dog but the name of Marvel.

Lewis is due to start his new clinic at Pea Green at the end of July 2017, he will be an asset to the Pea Green team.

Sara Franklin

Practice Manager

Sara is one of the most experienced members of the team (away from the treatment couch that is) after being a longstanding customer of Steph’s and a massive fan of the practice for many years. It really was a case of having been so impressed with the service she decided that she simply had to join the company.

Serena Dallas

Medical Receptionist

Bringing catwalk glamour from the 1970s to the reception of the Pea Green offices, Serena has seen it all. From her days as a model to working for The Beatles in St. James’ Street she has many fab stories to tell (and probably a few that she won’t). In recent years, she prefers to spend her time engaged in far more serene, but no less rewarding, pastimes.


Having lived in Oxfordshire for the last twenty-five years, Serena has embraced her love of the countryside. She plays tennis, rides horses, climbs mountains and goes for the occasional bike ride when time allows. Her creative interests include making her garden look beautiful and making her food taste wonderful. As a trained Cordon Bleu chef, she loves cooking and entertaining at home.


While her cooking benefits the rest of the family and anyone who visits, the garden remains the domain of, Fifi Serena’s French Toy Poodle. She describes Fifi as a small dog with a big dog’s attitude and a whole lot of cheeky personality to match.



Working at Pea Green is the perfect role for Serena, where she can combine her interests in people, places, health and enjoyment of life each and every day.

Dani Cope

Administrator & Marketing Assistant

Dani is the newest member to our Pea Green family! 🙂

Dani’s main reason for wanting to work at Pea Green Physio is her avid interest in health and fitness as well as her keen drive for wanting to help Pea Green Physio become the best it can be.

Since obtaining a degree in languages, Dani worked in the city of London for several years as a bilingual PA. Having had enough of the rat race, Dani then decided to move to Oxfordshire to experience country life and took a few years out to raise a family.

Despite having now lived in Oxfordshire for several years, we are sure that if you asked her, she would still describe herself as a born and bred Londoner! as they say ‘you can take the girl out of London, but you can’t take London out of the girl!’ 😉


Dani interests include running (practically every day) and spinning, in fact, when she’s not here with us, you’ll probably find her running cross-country style around an oxfordshire field or pedalling away in a local spinning class.

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no more ouch... give the team a call: 01869 241411 or
pop us an email: and we’ll get back to you

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