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Our First Blog … Welcome!

By peagreen

if you want to get better stay better - then you need pea green physiotherapy

I would like to welcome you to my first blog, or in fact, ‘Our’ first blog, this will be a collaboration from the Pea Green Physio Team, the blogs will be full of knowledge, insights, top tips, advice on how to make you feel better in your own bodies and suffer less pain. We will be recommending particular exercises, from stretches, strengthening, core exercises and little tricks to get you moving better. A couple of blogs will be in association with a recommended local business or specialist person that can also offer help and advice. We’ll be commenting on recent trends in sport and fitness, the pro’s and cons and if they are really good for you! We’ll be advising on self-treatment that will keep you away from the Doctor and the Physio! A bit like an apple a day … or something along those lines!

But, please feel free to feedback any views about the subject matter, or ask any questions, as I hope that this will become an open forum that we can all share and learn from.

So you need a little background information. I am Stephanie Smith, I have been a Sports Physio for 14 years now and have worked in the MOD with the Military for eight of those, and in private practice for the remainder, I have Physio’d for the British Gymnastics for 12 years and have travelled the world with the Great Britain Gymnastic Teams, in fact, let me tell you, I have just been selected to Physio at the Para-Olympic Games 2012 … such an honour and I am so excited, this is truly a ‘Gold Medal’ in terms of achievement in my career to date! I will keep you posted on the insights to the Games and what it’s like to be a ‘Games Maker’.

I opened ‘Pea Green Physio’ in Bicester, Oxfordshire in 2008 and it has grown from strength to strength with the support of you, our clients and friends.  We now have a fab little team, Ben our full time Senior Physio, Alan our Part time Physio, Alison our Osteopath and Faith our Sports Massage Therapist and Osteopath 4th year student, not forgetting Basia, our ultra amazing Accounts Manager and Superwoman! She keeps us all on track and ensures a smooth running of Pea Green and is your first point of contact when you come to Pea Green Physio!

So there we have it, our first Blog and a little introduction to Me and the Team!

We look forward to Blogging for you.


no more ouch... give the team a call: 01869 241411 or
pop us an email: info@peagreenphysio.co.uk and we’ll get back to you