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Pain in the Bum?!

By Katie Gore

Are you suffering with coccyx pain?

The coccyx pain is generally a poorly understood condition and can be experienced by both men and women alike. People who have coccyx pain, often describe it as a sharp pain or ache located at the very base of the spine.

Coccyx pain

Coccyx pain

Some people are able to describe a specific injury to the coccyx and the initial cause of the pain such as a fall on to the bottom or prolonged sitting injury such as spinning. However some people also can get a gradual onset to their coccyx pain. The most common aggravating factor is sitting down, and also moving from a seated position to standing. Standing up usually eases the symptoms.


It can be a difficult thing to recover from without advice as you cannot always avoid sitting down while it mends! This can lead to pain that can be ongoing for many months, or sometimes even years. This is called “chronic pain”.

There can be many contributing factors to coccyx pain:

Poor sitting posture
Internal, unresolved muscle spasm
Reduced movement in the lower back
Weak core muscles, particularly the muscles around the pelvis
Length of pain symptoms (as this can lead to secondary problems)
In order to treat these symptoms effectively it is really important to understand what is impacting on your pain, and a specialist physiotherapy assessment can diagnose and get to the root of the problem and potentially treat and cure this problem.

Katie Gore is our resident Specialist Women’s Health Physiotherapist, she successfully treats Coccygeal problems on a daily basis and is an expert in this field for men and women alike. Let her get to the root of your ‘pain in the bum’ TODAY!

To book an initial assessment or 15 minute Injury Check Up please call the Team on 01869241411 or email Katie directly to ask any specific questions [email protected]

SPECIALISTS IN … ahhh that’s better!

Katie Gore


no more ouch... give the team a call: 01869 241411 or
pop us an email: [email protected] and we’ll get back to you

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