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Pilates Classes at Pea Green Studio

By Steph


“I have been a client of Pea Green Physio for various issues (shoulder, ankle and recently sciatica/bursitis in leg & hip) over the past few years and have always found them committed to providing the best possible care using a variety of techniques. One of the key elements they recommend to rehabilitate many injuries is exercise; particularly those focused on strengthening core muscles and improving flexibility. I had previously done Pilates classes but had stopped as it was causing me lower back pain, so was hesitant to try again. In talking with Steph my physio, I learned this was due to me doing these exercises at a level I was not yet strong enough for, yet many Pilates classes seem to teach at the highest level.
So I was pleased to hear that Pea Green was going to offer Pilates and yoga classes; who better to ensure you’re doing these exercises correctly than trained sports/physiotherapists?! I have total confidence in Steph’s advice; in all her years of treating me she’s always been spot on in her diagnosis and I know if she’s involved in something it’s going to be done right and she will hire the best possible people as well.
Steph breaks the Pilates exercises down into levels so you can work at the level best for you as well checking you individually to ensure you are using the correct posture & position. The exercises are also varied each week, just enough to keep it interesting while still building on mastery of the core exercises.
I also found this in the yoga classes, all the instructors are very good about walking round checking you’ve got the postures correct, helping you to get more out of a stretch etc. The relaxation at the end is fabulous and you leave feeling calm, centered and refreshed!! There are also lots of different types of yoga to choose from as well. The studio is light and airy and the equipment state of the art.
I have been doing classes for a few months now and i’m starting to notice a difference in my overall fitness level and lessening of my sciatica/bursitis. With Pea Green I feel I’ve got a ‘safe pair of hands’ helping me and would highly recommend the classes to anyone, not just for rehabilitation but for general fitness and prevention as well.”
Kris Thorne
Photo credit to APPI Pilates
Steph & Pollyanna are both Pilates trained by APPI
Pilates Classes:
6.30pm Matwork Pilates with Pollyanna
7.45pm Equipilates TM with Pollyanna
2pm Matwork Pilates with Steph
5.30pm Matwork Pilates with Pollyanna
5.30pm Matwork Pilates with Steph
6.30pm Matwork Pilates with Pollyanna
9.30am Matwork Pilates with Pollyanna
£25 ‘Virgin’ unlimited classes – 2 week class pass, Introductory Offer.
To book call 01869241411 or email [email protected]
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no more ouch... give the team a call: 01869 241411 or
pop us an email: [email protected] and we’ll get back to you

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