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Sports Club Membership


The backbone of every great sports club is the health of its members…

Imagine being able to provide the members of your club with discounted access to expert physiotherapy, osteopathy and sports massage from the leading clinic in the area. This would increase attendance, add value to being a member of your club and, because of the fabulous reputation that we have, attract new members to you. Plus we would promote you as one of our partner organisations to our customers.

Now it is not often in the sports world that everyone wins… but they do at Pea Green!

As well as discounted treatments, you and your members will also be able to get education and instruction on injury prevention and further discounts on a whole range of associated products.

So this what will be available to your club and its players:

And all you have to do is promote our services within the club… we’ll even provide all the merchandise and marketing expertise to make you look good while you are doing it. A Pea Green Partnership genuinely is the simplest, easiest and most fun way to provide world class health and wellness benefits to your club.

Our sports clubs membership service is all about mutual support and promotion; so there are also options to have dual printed merchandise, sponsorship and additional advertising for the right team. And we would also love to support your promotional events in person, from time to time.

So if you manage or belong to a sports clubs or team and you would love to find out more about partnering with the experts in ‘ahhh that’s better’ please get in touch with our Sports Club Membership Coordinator, Ben Wallis on 01869 241411 or email him at

Our club membership partnerships are ideal for: 

no more ouch... give the team a call: 01869 241411 or
pop us an email: and we’ll get back to you