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What is Equipilates TM? …

By Steph

Equipilates TM Classes at the Pea Green Studio

EquipilatesTM aims to develop a rider with correct muscle balance so that they can develop a deeper partnership with their horse. EquipilatesTM was developed by Lindsay Wilcox-Reid who combined her riding and Pilates knowledge to develop a training system to develop a strong, flexible and aware rider, through a fusion of movement therapies.

EquipilatesTM does not just look at the external form (i.e. how you look on the horse) but also how you function on the inside (intrinsic biomechanics). A rider can look like they are in the correct position especially when cued to do so, but internally they may not be engaging the correct muscles, compensating with another, or have asymmetrical imbalances. Which they are unaware of but their horse is all too aware of. Horses also have imbalances and to help them work through these a rider needs to firstly correct themselves so that the horse can feel balance, relaxation and fluidity of movement rather than stiffness and impediment. The ability of the rider to be able to absorb the horses movement is paramount to continued development of both horse and rider without it it can affect core, balance, increases risk of strain and injury.

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Through EquipilatesTM a rider is able to begin to release muscle tension, mobilise joints, increase awareness and strength. Through this a deeper understanding of how ones body functions can occur, allowing adjustments to be made in a positive and affective manner.

Our EquipilatesTM biomechanics trainer – Pollyanna Fitzgerald, can offer intrinsic biomechanics assessments, personalised training, 1-2-1 Pilates, group Pilates, and rider alignment on a saddle horse. Please do contact Pea Green Physio 01869241411 or [email protected] for further information on classes, biomechanical assessment, alignment and individual sessions.

Equipilates classes are at 19:45 on Mondays at the Pea Green Studio with Pollyanna.

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no more ouch... give the team a call: 01869 241411 or
pop us an email: [email protected] and we’ll get back to you

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